Optimising your document workflow

convert+share offers functions that are as effective as they are easy to use. They do away with manual work processes and sustainably optimise your document workflow, e.g. by scanning documents as .docx or .xlsx files and sending them straight from a multifunctional device to Windows files, email addresses, Google Docs, Telekom Cloud, Evernote or Microsoft SharePoint.

Electronic document management

In many companies documents and information still end up in storage boxes, files or cupboards. In the long term this not only takes up space, but looking for specific documents also takes up valuable time. Sometimes documents may even get lost. Efficient administration? Far from it!

Take your ineo system into the clouds

The three most popular cloud services in the office environment – Google AppsTM, Evernote® and Microsoft SharePoint® – have many advantages but one serious drawback: inconvenience in printing or scanning. The three custom-developed ineo connector apps solve all the connectivity problems and offer the following business critical benefits:

Most offices, and especially small and medium-sized ones, find it difficult to improve document workflows, particularly in processes such as capturing, converting, routing and managing documents in a paper or PDF format. The DEVELOP Document Suite solves this problem. The easy way to improve your document workflows.

Convenient delivery of scanned documents*

In businesses where documents frequently need to be digitised and sent to various destinations, e.g. logistics companies, a simple solution for the delivery of scanned documents can be worth its weight in gold. After all, every single step you avoid saves time and increases workflow efficiency.

The direct line between MFP and Microsoft SharePoint

For companies that work across different sites or on specific projects, Microsoft SharePoint has long since proved itself to be an effective tool: when it comes to exchanging information and processing documents, it is no longer necessary to go round the houses, as all users involved have a direct point of access – now from the multifunctional system, too.