YSoft Accounting Software

YSoft SafeQ is a server that controls and distributes printing in networks supporting both MS Windows and Linux platforms.

Efficiently determining and distributing each print job, theYSoft SafeQ server secures full and complete control over the whole process of document production printing within any large to midsize governmental, educational, banking or insurance company.

Because of the the growing importance of utmost secure and efficient printing in any professional network environment, user credit check and an accessibility guarantee are among the core functions of this intelligent accounting application.

Furthermore, the complete monitoring of any print job during the process makesYSoft SafeQ the ideal solution for long-term printing cost reduction and printing environment optimisation.

As an elegant and affordable alternative to the convenient externalYSoft SafeQ terminals,YSoft SafeQ can optionally be integrated into Konica Minolta bizhub device panels via best technology.

YSoft SafeQ Embedded Platform offers convenient and user-friendly enhancement that covers all basic aspects and needs of modern print environments integrated with the latest Konica Minolta MFPs. The solution is designed to be easy to use for common users, easy to deploy and very easy to maintain for IT adminis- trators. The major focus has been to reduce total costs of ownership of the solution as much as possible.

YSoft SafeQ Embedded offers built-in: MFP panel integrated authentication of users (including access by card), role-based function access (print, copy, scan, colour, ...) differentiation, tracking and exact accounting of every user action and all convenience-oriented tools such as pull-printing with Follow Me (possibility to select and print the document on all available MFPs), favourite/hot jobs or one-click “scan to my email” tool. The solution is suitable for every customer starting from one device and extending to enterprise environments with thousands of MFPs spread across nationwide branches.