Keeping your printing costs under control

Pcounter functions: Time to call your print costs to account! 

Reporting: This basic function reports on all document production activities in your network, supplying analyses that can be user-, workgroupor project-related. Alternatively, you can request a system-related report to control costs from a specific printer or copier and discover if its capacity is not being cost-efficiently exploited.

Effective cost control through user access evaluation

Controlled user access and rights of use are of vital importance when considering the economics and operation of digital multifunctional systems. User access and accounts can be created centrally with a few mouse clicks using Authentication Manager, the corresponding software module from Enterprise Suite.

Print Audit 6 is a powerful suite of print management tools that enables organizations worldwide to significantly lower the cost and environmental impact of printing. 

The average employee prints 34 pages per day of which 17% are never used. Print Audit lets organizations significantly reduce costs by holding users or employees accountable for every document that they produce.

YSoft SafeQ is a server that controls and distributes printing in networks supporting both MS Windows and Linux platforms.

Efficiently determining and distributing each print job, theYSoft SafeQ server secures full and complete control over the whole process of document production printing within any large to midsize governmental, educational, banking or insurance company.